Tips to look after your Upholstery


1. Choosing a fabric that suits you

Everyone’s taste differs, so look for a fabric that’s not only going to match your lifestyle, but also something synthetic that’s easy to care for. When you have kids or pets, we advise avoiding textured or woven items that are difficult to clean.

2. Protection is key

It’s definitely worth treating your upholstered furniture in order to protect it from spills. Although fabric protection options are not stain-proof, it definitely helps prevent the upholstery from absorbing any liquids and forming a permanent stain. The key is to clean the spill as quickly as possible to ensure your furniture is well kept.

3. Rotate your cushions regularly

Flipping your loose cushions regularly will evenly disperse the wear and tear on your furniture whilst preventing indentations from forming. It is also advised to regularly take the covers off and put them through a wash to prevent dirt from becoming embedded in the fibres of the fabric. That brings us to our next point.

4. Care for your fabrics

If you’re not sure how to clean a particular fabric, its best to ask a professional (or Google) for the best method. Before taking action on any advice, test your cleaning products on a small hidden square of the fabric to see how it reacts before applying it to your entire upholstered piece.


5. Give your furniture a regular scrub

Doing so will aid the removal of surface level dirt and dust, preventing it from becoming embedded in the fabrics. Either wiping down with a slightly damp cloth or lightly dusting the furniture with a soft-bristled brush does the trick.

6. Getting rid of foul smells

It’s likely that if you own pets, you’ve experienced how upholstered fabrics absorb smells. The best way to counter this is to sprinkle the furniture with bicarbonate of soda and leave to sit overnight. The bicarb will absorb the smells without causing any damage to your furniture.

7. Clean a spill QUICKLY

The faster the better! Clean a spill immediately by blotting (NOT rubbing) the area with a paper towel. Rubbing makes things worse as it pushes the liquids further into the fabric and will cause a permanent stain.

8. Get a professional spring clean annually

Although some people only to it every few years, we recommend annually to avoid your upholstered furniture from becoming visibly dirty. This is because the dirtier your furniture becomes, the harder it is to restore it to its original beauty.


9. Try avoiding direct sunlight

Over time, direct sunlight will cause your fabric to fade. If you cannot avoid this, try counter how much sunlight your furniture receives with blinds or curtains.

10. Leather love

Like fabrics, leather does not like direct sunlight as it causes aging and cracking. Generally dry-dusting your leather furniture and vacuuming in the crevices does the trick to keep your leather in good form. Using a good leather conditioner is recommended every 6-12 months.